Around The World In Books

March 2, 2017 1 Comments

Several years ago, as a high school English teacher, I taught a class of 10th grade honors students. At that time, the focus for 10th grade was World Literature. In addition to following our set curriculum, I required my students choose a book from around the world every quarter which – after reading – they would either present or write an essay. I provided them with a list of books – one from each continent (they could also propose their own book with my approval). I tried to vary the list to cover several reading levels and student interests and also encourage them to find other books that expanded their world vision. 10 years ago, here is what my list looked like:

Have you read any or all of these? What books would you recommend from each continent today? Please share in the comments and Happy Read Across America Day here in the U.S.!


1 Comment

  1. Catherine

    March 2, 2017

    The Kit Runner is the only one on this list I’ve read. At what point in motherhood do I have time to start picking back up books again 🙂

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