Women’s History Month: A Look Back … & Forward

March 28, 2017 Comments Off on Women’s History Month: A Look Back … & Forward
March is Women’s History month in the U.S. and as the mother of three girls, I’ve found my role – among so many others – is to teach and model for them what it means to be a creative, self-aware, empowered girl. This is not easy and I struggle with all of these myself. Thankfully, I constantly strive to create a community of women AND men in their lives who support & empower them too.


 As we wrap up women’s history month this week, I thought I’d share some recent pieces I’ve written about women’s history & feminism and also some of my favorite articles and discoveries:


Have you seen, written or read anything about Feminism or Women’s History this year that resonated? Let me know!
*The first photo is from the Women’s Suffrage Monument unveiling in Nashville last August. The artist, Alan LeQuire, commented that his favorite part was the back of the statue because the women are all holding each other up, both literally in his creation of the statue and figuratively in the suffrage movement as well. I love that The Fearless Girl statue is pretty powerful viewed from the back too!