Sarah’s 5 – Kid & Parent-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville {Part 1}

May 26, 2017 Comments Off on Sarah’s 5 – Kid & Parent-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville {Part 1}

I’ve been writing a series at The Nashville Mom called Sarah’s 5 where I share 5 things I love, learned or simply made me laugh. Today, I’m bringing that series over here to The Wandering Rumpus as well. First up, food…

My husband and I like to eat – we like to cook and try new restaurants; we like to celebrate special occasions, milestones and even just weekends with food and libations.  We also like to enjoy good food with our three young girls – and teach them to enjoy and appreciate it as well. When it comes to going out, we try to get babysitters on occasion so that we can enjoy some of the trendiest foodie spots without kids (and Nashville is booming with new foodie spots) – but this gets expensive and requires a lot of planning (getting a sitter, a reservation, etc.) so sometimes we go months without having a proper kid-free restaurant date night.

We also like to bring our kids out with us from time to time and still be able to enjoy a drink and a tasty meal that doesn’t involve ketchup packets.  We have learned that nice restaurants and kids don’t always mix well, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to find the perfect parent and kid-friendly places.  So in the past few years, we’ve set out to find the best of the best when it comes to combining kids, budget and good food around town. We’ve found several local jaunts that seem to have found the sweet spot of catering to kids while allowing parents to enjoy a drink, a tasty meal and not have to yell “no” incessantly. Here is the first installment of our favorite kid and parent friendly restaurants in Nashville:

  1. Mafiozas

The pizza is delicious (and pizza is usually a safe bet for kids) but they also have a full menu of tasty salads, pasta and more. The kids can watch the cooks throw the pizza dough and the chefs will give your kid a mound of un-cooked dough to play with until their hot pizza comes out – all while parents enjoy a glass of wine or a beer or two. They have a lovely patio too. They also have gluten-free crust available.

  1. Local Taco

I think Mexican restaurants and kids go together like queso and chips – they tend to be loud & festive (so that your kids can be too), they serve chips and parents can sip a margarita while everyone eats. One of our favorites is Local Taco (they have a yummy Sangria too) where we often treat the kids to a fruit Jarrito (Mexican soda).

  1. The Pharmacy

How can you go wrong with amazing burgers, beer and an old-fashion soda fountain?  Plus the outside beirgarten where kids can play and run around is a kids (and parents) dream.

  1. Calypso Café

Their rotisserie chicken is out of this world and my girls love a good drumstick.  I also dream about their black bean salad and their Lucayan salad – so good. Parents can sip on a bottled Red Stripe (or fruit tea – my favorite) and the kids can pull out Calypso’s bucket of toys while chowing on their amazing boija corn muffins or sweet potatoes.

  1. Bricktops

This is the only local chain restaurant on my list but the menu options for the parents are delicious (my personal favorite is the crab cake entrée salad) and the children’s menu has all of the typical children’s offerings…plus a few surprises…like salmon!  Since it is on the kid’s menu my girls are more inclined to try it (plus it is less expensive and a smaller portion) and last time my middle child inhaled the salmon – literally licked her plate. Also, they give out crayons and paper to inspire your budding artists.


What are your favorite kid & parent friendly Nashville restaurants? Be on the look out for part 2 of great local restaurants to take you kids in Nashville!