5 Out Of This World Snacks For Celebrating The Solar Eclipse

August 15, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Out Of This World Snacks For Celebrating The Solar Eclipse

My hometown of Nashville is all abuzz about the upcoming solar eclipse next Monday, August 21 – and rightly so! The last time Nashville saw a total solar eclipse was 539 years ago…and the next one won’t be for another 549 years! We recently learned that Nashville Metro Schools will be out of school for the event and there will be parties and viewings all around town (I’m sharing several event links below).

We haven’t decided where we’ll be watching just yet, but we do know what we’ll be eating, of course! My girls and I recently brainstormed 5 snacks that we must have wherever we view the eclipse. So queue up Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart and pick up some of these out of this world snacks (and viewing glasses, of course) no matter where you’ll be watching this amazing event:

1. Oreos

All three of my girls have studied the moon phases with Oreos at some point and the Golden Oreos where just too perfect to pass up for the sun. We’ve already recreated the eclipse a couple times with these beloved cream-filled cookies.

2. SunChips

You can’t go wrong with savory, cheesy SunChips for an eclipse viewing party!

3. Moonpies

Moonpies were an obvious choice – especially since they are made in Chattanooga, Tennessee! Check out their website for their fun history!

4. Eclipse Gum

Another obvious choice – plus it will help freshen your breath after eating all those Oreos and SunChips!

5. Moon Cheese

My 11-year-old proposed cheese (since the moon IS made of cheese, right?) so when we found these Moon Cheese snacks, we just couldn’t resist!

What will you snack on while watching the Solar Eclipse? We’d love to hear your creative ideas in the comments. Also, not sure where to view the eclipse or how much your city will see – check out the links below!